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How Do I Find the Perfect Marijuana Bud in Retail Near Me?

Shortlisting dispensaries with a “close to me” filter alone isn’t going to do it if you want to be sure you’ll get quality. So, when you want a premium bud, but are not up for traffic hassle to get it, how do you decide which recreational dispensary is most worth your time?

Hop on the Internet to compare & contrast

There’s very little need for legwork in this day and age. Apart from directly Googling marijuana stores “near me”, you can always hit Weedmaps and Leafly. Some of the criteria you might want to use are:

  • Accessibility (and parking)
  • The range and variety of the inventory
  • The types of services
  • The atmosphere
  • The reviews
  • The prices and deals

Some people like cozy stores, some like lounge-like places, etc. But, if a dispensary scores well in all of the above points, you can be pretty sure you won’t be disappointed.

Call in advance to get a feel of the place

As much as marijuana stores are about the products they sell, what’s also very important is who works there. Not only do you need accurate information and professionalism from the staff, but you also want to feel comfortable while doing your shopping. Call in advance to inquire about the buds you’re interested in, other products and services.

Red hairs

When you take a close look at a bud, you’ll notice red wiry hairs branching out. In general, red hairs signal great weed. Popularly called red hairs, these are actually termed stigmas. They play an important role in reproduction because they attract pollen. They don’t contain much THC, so they don’t affect plant’s potency. They can, however, indicate whether the plant was given enough time to mature. These stigmas start out as white strands and darken as the plant matures – from yellow, to orange, red and brown. Why is it important that the plant matures? Because only a mature plant gives you the full, nice high.


Red hairs don’t always mean fantastic weed, but a nice coat of crystals over the bud almost definitely does. These crystals or glitter are bubbles of oil that carries THC and CBD. The crystals are called trichomes. When you zero in on the bud in the local marijuana retail, it should have a nice coat of these crystals – that tells you the plant was harvested when mature (which equals higher potency). Crystals also signal that the bud is fresh and that it was handled with care. If a bud doesn’t glitter with these crystals, it may have sat around too long and the good stuff could have dried out.

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