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The People’s Guide to Santa Ana

October 22, 2019

Things change so fast in Orange County that it’s hard to keep track of each city’s big-hitters and must-tries. People’s OC is here to help, with a guide to Santa Ana that any longtime natives, fresh new residents, or visiting guests will appreciate – really, anyone looking for things to do in Santa Ana. People’s OC is the largest marijuana dispensary in Santa Ana, with a great selection of products for everyone. From marijuana edibles in every flavor to lab-tested, state-legal carts we carry every type of product (including flower) that your old pal weed could possibly become.

The People’s Guide to Santa Ana | People's California

Because our home base is one of the few cities that allows for marijuana store licensing, Santa Ana recreational dispensaries abound. We like to say that the best one is located right off the 55 freeway (2721 S. Grand Ave., Santa Ana, CA 92705), but we respect our competition – this city is full of legal cannabis, though we are the largest independent store in the area.

The People’s Guide to Santa Ana | People's California

With a population of over 330,000 people, it’s a city that’s well-equipped to accommodate the interests of every resident. For the fitness fans, EOS Fitness Santa Ana is a mainstay. For those who have always wanted to try the cuisine of Sinaloa, Mexico, Culichi Town Santa Ana has you covered. Food shopping? Northgate Market Santa Ana. Need to get foreign citizenship? There’s even a Mexican consulate. Santa Ana has one of the best downtowns in Orange County, as well, with trendy bars and restaurants at every level of ambiance.

The People’s Guide to Santa Ana | People's California

For those who consume alcohol, Santa Ana River Brewing is a great way to begin any tour of the city. If not, well, there are always the pot stores in Santa Ana. Santa Ana River Brewing’s hop-forward ales, fun events, and visits from some of Orange County’s best food trucks make them a must-try.

If food trucks don’t do it for you and the munchies from weed dispensaries in Santa Ana hit too hard, the upscale appetizers at Playground for over on 4th street should satisfy them. Chef and owner Jason Quinn rocketed to fame in 2011 as a contestant on Great Food Truck Race and opened his brick-and-mortar store after the show’s conclusion. Playground’s classic American flavors and small plates offer many delicious options, and its secret burger is to die for. Just don’t ask for any substitutions – they won’t do them. For those with food restrictions, it’s appropriate to call the restaurant ahead of time and ask if you can be accommodated.

The People’s Guide to Santa Ana | People's California

For a more casual, but equally tasty experience, Taqueria de Anda is also a must-try. The al pastor tacos are incredible – juicy and well-seasoned. Even better, it’s located right by the downtown area. Open 24 hours a day, every day, it’s a great place to stop after a visit to a Santa Ana dispensary or a night out on the town.

The People’s Guide to Santa Ana | People's California

If you fall under the LGBT flag, this city is also home to the best gay bar in Orange County – the famous VLVT lounge. A longtime sponsor of the biggest pride event the county (OC Pride 2020!) and home to the greatest drag performance stage around, you should make sure to check out their fun events – including theatrical dinner shows, lesbian nights, and a famous Sunday drag brunch.

The People’s Guide to Santa Ana | People's California

While the Disgusting Food Museum and the Weedmaps Museum of Weed might be a little bit far, you can still get a great museum fix at the Bowers Museum, which always has great exhibits. Alternatively, you could make your own weed museum by visiting marijuana dispensaries in Santa Ana. As always, we recommend People’s OC. Santa Ana, CA has an incredible range of options, though – CBD flower, sour candies, popcorn, and more – and you should check out all the legal options, if you’re here as a 420 tourist.

The People’s Guide to Santa Ana | People's CaliforniaThis is a great city to form some OC memories in. It also has solutions for all your practical needs – The Home Depot? Santa Ana. Autozone? Santa Ana. Cali Tacos? Santa Ana (hey, we all know that Mexican food is a necessity). People’s in Santa Ana can fulfill all your cannabis needs and more. Stop by today, or take a look at our menu, where you can order for pickup or delivery.

From THC-infused keto foods to terpene-rich California flowers, our dispensary in Santa Ana has it all. Stop by our beautiful, modern, two-story facility off the 55 freeway. Whether you’ve never tried cannabis or you’ve been baking pot brownies since the mid-1900s, our product specialists can help you with your CBD and THC needs. If you love it too much to leave, consider the cannabis industry  – you can apply for a job right at the People’s OC careers page.

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