PEOPLE’S OC 420 EVENT: 8am-10pm

Experience 420 with only the best at People’s OC

Tattoo Pop-Up Shop featuring world famous tattoo artist, Luke Wessman.  Get a FREE tattoo from 1-5pm.

Discounts all day from some of your favorite brands:

9am-1pm: Kaneh Co, Sunday Goods, Source Cannabis, Dosist, Lowell, Sensi Chew, Papa & Barkley, Chill Chocolates and OM Edibles

1pm-5pm: Kurvana, ABX, Satori, Care by Design, Dompen, Proof Extracts, Dr. Norms, King’s Garden, Maven Genetics, D. Cosmo and Wonderbrett.

5pm-9pm: Stiiizy, Toast, Jetty Extracts, Claybourne, FlavRX, Flow Kana and Plus Products