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Pick the Perfect Among the Many Cannabis Shops in California

If you are a novice to cannabis shops, you may feel overwhelmed with the vast choice that California offers. How do you compare all those marijuana stores? While it is tempting to go to the dispensary that is the closest, the experience will be much more enjoyable if you inform your choice on a few other factors as well.

Where’s it located?

Obviously, you don’t want to spend hours in traffic just to get to and back from the dispensary. Apart from looking for the shop closest to you, you could also consider the delivery services and express pick-up. Another point to check – is the dispensary easily accessible by a highway

How big is the selection?

These days, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing your strain and product in cannabis shops. Still, dispensaries do differ according to the range of products. If you are interested in a specific strain or product, you can check the shop’s inventory online. But, the larger the selection and standard of quality, the more likely it is you have really found a good marijuana store.

How knowledgeable and friendly is the staff?

Unless you’re a veteran at cannabis, you’ll probably have questions and need some help choosing your product. The staff should be helpful, friendly and above all – knowledgeable. While it is pleasant if they are personable, you’ll also want them to be professionals and to know their stuff. You can check this by calling in advance to ask a few questions and then see the response you get.

What’s the vibe of the place?

Marijuana stores come in all sizes and shapes in California. But, regardless of whether you like the intimate atmosphere of a small shop or the spacious, liberating feel of a vast store, the perfect dispensary for you will feel just like that. People say that the shop for you will feel like home, right from the start. Buying your marijuana should never feel awkward, wrong or uncomfortable.

What are the prices like?

You can compare the dispensaries by price ranges, but that alone should not guide your decision. It’s very important to consider the price factor in conjunction with other aspects, such as location, selection, staff and reputation. Bear in mind that lower prices could be a way to get lower-quality products (or products of inconsistent quality) off the shelf.

What do others say about the dispensary?

Weedmaps and Leafly are excellent sources of information about any dispensary in California that catches your attention. Check out customer reviews. This considerably reduces the research effort.

Make sure you visit People’s OC

Based in Santa Ana and easily accessible from Costa Mesa freeway, People’s OC is the biggest of its kind among California cannabis shops. A wide variety of premium-quality consumables and accessories, knowledgeable and friendly staff and fantastic deals make People’s OC one of California’s favorite dispensaries. Don’t hesitate to find out why.

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