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Ordering Marijuana Online for Pickup or Delivery

Ever since Proposition 64 made recreational cannabis sale and use legal in 2016, marijuana stores in California have worked hard to provide the local weed aficionados with the best buying experience imaginable.

Nowadays, you don’t even have to leave your home to get your cannabis. It can be delivered right to your doorstep by licensed delivery drivers, or reserved in advance for you to pick up from the dispensary of your choice.

But before you go searching for “retail weed near me” or “marijuana pre order pick up near me”, take the time to read this article and learn more about the whole process. We’re eager to help you get the most out of your weed-buying and using experience.

Cannabis pickup vs delivery

A cannabis delivery service in Orange County is exactly what it sounds like: a service offered by first-rate marijuana dispensaries that allows them to bring the weed to your home. This is extremely useful if you can’t spare the time, or are otherwise unable to visit the weed store yourself.

A marijuana pre order pick up in Orange County, on the other hand, enables you to ensure you’re getting exactly the product you want by reserving it in advance. It also tells you precisely how much you’ll be paying, which makes it infinitely easier to organize your budget and plan your purchase.

How does marijuana delivery work?

Retail cannabis deliveries are governed by strict laws. First, these deliveries can only be performed by licensed delivery drivers. All drivers must also be employed by the dispensary and equipped with printed licenses.

Furthermore, weed transportation needs to be conducted via a motor vehicle, and deliveries must be completed in-person at the buyer’s home. The delivery employee cannot deliver the cannabis products on public property or at an area designed for minors, such as a school.

Why do people need weed delivery?

There are many reasons. For instance, googling “marijuana pre order pick up near me” is of no use to someone who suffers from a medical condition that makes it difficult or impossible for them to leave their home. The consumer may also be an elderly person who wants to be comfortable in their retirement.

Even when there are no physical limitations that prevent someone from personally coming to a weed shop, different people have different lives. They may be too busy or tired, or live too far away, to make the trip to the store.

How to order marijuana online?

Buying cannabis online really isn’t any different from how you normally buy things on the internet. Visit the site of your dispensary of choice, and look for the Online Ordering section. This section should be accessible from any part of the website, and should take you to the store’s online catalog.

For security reasons, you will need to create an account. Don’t worry, this is a simple process that only takes a couple minutes and only really requires you to type in your name, phone number, and e-mail. Once you have an account, all your buying information will be saved in it, making future purchases much easier.

How to use an online marijuana store:

  • Scroll through the dispensary’s catalog until you see a product you want to buy.
  • Select the product and add it to your virtual shopping cart.
  • Once your budget is spent or your cart is full, place your order and choose pickup or delivery.
  • The dispensary will send you a confirmation that includes the invoice for your purchase, your delivery driver’s name (if you choose delivery), and when you can expect to receive your delivery or finalize your marijuana pre order pick up in Orange County.

Does People’s OC pickup cost anything?

Absolutely not. When you use our marijuana pre order pick up in Orange County, you pay only the price of the product you’re buying and the standard state tax. People’s OC doesn’t charge anything extra for the pickup.

The only thing you need to have with you when you show up for your marijuana pre order pick up in Orange County is a valid identification so that we can verify your age and identity. This can also be a driver’s license, or a passport if you’re not a US citizen.

What makes a good cannabis store?

“Where to find a weed shop that allows marijuana pre order pick up near me“ is a critical question, but it doesn’t address a more important issue: how do you make sure the dispensary you’re thinking of shopping at is actually a good one?

Traits to look for in a great marijuana dispensary:

  • It will employ personable, experienced budtenders who will help guide you through the buying process.
  • The products will be nicely displayed, with all relevant information being readily available.
  • They won’t let you stay inside the premises without showing an ID of some sort.
  • Their premises will be spacious and pleasant to spend time in.
  • Their large array of available cannabis products will be able to satisfy every taste and need.
  • Above all, proper weed stores adhere to strict laws and regulations that are designed to protect the customer and ensure the best weed-using and buying experience. Their products will be fresh, thoroughly tested, and competitively priced.

Where to order marijuana online?

If you’re one of the many Californians who ask: “What’s the top place to order marijuana pre order pick up near me?” then we have great news for you. People’s OC is Orange County’s largest and best-equipped cannabis dispensary that can satisfy all your weed needs.

Our website has been purpose-built to enable you to easily browse our product catalog and quickly make arrangements for weed delivery or marijuana pre order pick up in Orange County. It also contains a list of events happening at People’s OC, as well as a plethora of articles on all things cannabis.

On the other hand, if online isn’t your thing, why not pay us a visit at our premises near the Delhi Park? Our friendly and knowledgeable budtenders will gladly answer your questions and help you find the weed product of your dreams. Get in touch with People’s OC today.

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