There are still many misconceptions about cannabis as a medicine. Though more states are working to legalize and regulate marijuana, negative stigmas are yet to be dispelled, especially among elderly citizens. Despite scientific evidence of medical marijuana’s healing benefits, seniors have a hard time embracing cannabis as their ally. Many come to weed dispensaries in Orange County CA without much information about marijuana and its medical value.

Here are several reasons why the elderly should feel confident about using medical marijuana for better health and wellness.

It is safer than many prescription drugs

Most seniors take prescription medications on a day-to-day basis. While the safety of medical cannabis is their biggest concern, the elderly may disregard the fact that commonly prescribed drugs can have harmful side-effects.

A misuse or an adverse reaction to a medication can be fatal. Given that seniors tend to have multiple health conditions, they need to take more pharmaceuticals. This puts them at risk of accidental overdose or dangerous drug interactions. Also, kidney and liver functions decline with age, increasing the risk of side-effects.

Medical marijuana is a safer and healthier alternative for the body. Possible side-effects are minor and insignificant compared to those of many prescription medications. Neither THC nor CBD is being shown to carry the risk of lethal overdose. Not a single death has been reported due to medical marijuana overdose.

All you need is a consultation at weed dispensaries in Orange County CA on the right dosage and method of consumption. This way, you will make the most out of medical marijuana’s benefits and minimize the chances of side-effects.

There is no physical addiction

Seniors often fear that if they begin using medical marijuana, they will become addicted. However, you can use cannabis on a daily basis and still won’t experience any tremors and shakes of the body or sweat-soaked withdrawal if you quit using it.

Rest assured that medical marijuana will provide relief of stress, anxiety and pain, regulate your appetite, help you sleep better, and treat some medical conditions without getting you addicted.

You can avoid “the high”

The high is another reason why the elderly hesitate to use medical marijuana. While THC is the main psychoactive cannabinoid in the cannabis plant, when used properly, it has various medical benefits. THC can help treat nausea, pain, loss of appetite and other health issues.

On the other hand, CBD, another key ingredient in marijuana, has no hallucinogenic effects and it cannot get you high. Actually, it can reduce the psychoactive effects of THC.

Cannabis comes in different stains and seniors should know there are ones that have as little as 0.3 percent THC by weight. Many powerful CBD strains on the market are tremendous remedies for pain, headaches, anxiety, stress, inflammation, epilepsy, muscle spasms, nausea, etc. Consult with a medical marijuana doctor and choose the one that works best for you.

It can protect and heal your brain

Another misconception about cannabis is that it can lower your IQ and even cause brain damage. On the contrary, it can reduce brain inflammation and preserve brain functions.

There are studies that suggest that cannabinoids in medical marijuana, especially THC, can restore a considerable level of diminished cognitive performance. They may act as antiaging molecules in the brain and keep it from slowing down as we get older.

Medical marijuana can, therefore, relieve the symptoms of neurodegenerative motor and cognitive diseases, such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s. And not only that. It will gradually encourage new neural pathways and improve brain function.

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Medical marijuana can be an effective therapeutic tool for the treatment of various medical conditions and significantly improve the quality of your life. And there are many ways to medicate with cannabis other than smoking. Depending on your health condition, our knowledgeable and helpful team at People’s OC will recommend you the one that suits you best.

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Using cannabis as a medical treatment has become more common due to its many health benefits. More and more patients that seek an alternative to traditional therapy in OC dispensary Santa Ana report that medical marijuana is a powerful pain reliever for chronic conditions and illnesses, including cancer.

Breast cancer is a malignant tumor that starts when cells in the breast begin growing out of control, invading surrounding tissues. Breast cancer can spread (metastasize) to distant areas of the body, usually including the brain, liver, lungs or bones, when it is classified as Stage 4 breast cancer.

Breast cancer occurs almost entirely in women, though men can get it, as well. About one in eight women in the U.S. will develop breast cancer at some point in her life. Besides skin cancer, it is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in American women.

Here are several reasons why medical marijuana is viable option to help in cancer treatment, as well as side-effects of conventional breast cancer treatment.

Inhibition of tumor growth

There’s evidence that cannabinoids, chemical compounds in medical marijuana, can slow down and even stop tumor progression without affecting the surrounding healthy tissue. They may even protect healthy cells from cell death.

There are studies that suggest that CBD is especially effective against breast cancer. It can inhibit the survival of both estrogen receptor (ER)-positive and ER-negative breast cancer cell lines without affecting non-tumorigenic mammary cells. There’s also evidence that CBD may block the progress of metastatic breast cancer.

However, THC also plays a role in fighting tumor cells. According to research, THC attacks and kills breast cancer cells, and inhibits cancer cell proliferation by blocking the progression of the cell cycle.

These cannabinoids have a greater therapeutic value when they’re combined.

Anti-inflammatory effect

There is a causal relationship between inflammation and cancer. Inflammation is a critical component of tumor growth. Many tumors arise from sites of chronic inflammation and infection.

Cannabinoids have been studied for their anti-inflammatory properties. Research has shown that THC and CBD are effective in reducing and suppressing inflammation.

While both compounds fight inflammation in different ways, CBD has proven to be more potent. It interacts with CB2 receptors, which play a major role as regulators of inflammation. For this reason, CBD can be powerful in treating some cancers caused by chronic inflammation.

Relief of symptoms

When cannabinoids enter your system, they bind to receptors in the brain and body know as cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2. Cannabinoids imitate compounds naturally produced by our body called endocannabinoids.

Endocannabinoids are essential for maintaining our health. They activate mechanisms responsible for relieving a variety of symptoms caused by breast cancer. Therefore, medical marijuana treatment is beneficial in reducing chemotherapy-related pain and other symptoms such as anxiety, nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite.

Improved quality of life

Medical cannabis can help breast cancer patients cope with chemotherapy and improve their overall quality of life. It can be a resourceful ally against chronic stress, depression, and fatigue.

Medical marijuana can stimulate patients’ appetite, restore their natural sleep cycle, and regulate their mood. Patients of OC dispensary in Santa Ana have also reported improved social functioning and performance of their daily tasks.

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Current breast cancer treatment options are painful and invasive. Many patients turn to People’s OC, the trusted OC dispensary in Santa Ana, for a cannabinoid-based therapy to avoid or at least minimize their side-effects.

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Our knowledgeable team will give you advice on which product and method will work best for your medical condition and your needs.

Most people could walk into the best medical marijuana dispensary Orange County instead of a pharmacy and get the effective treatment for their health condition. It’s widely known that medical cannabis provides relief for people undergoing chemotherapy. It can help relieve stress, as well as the symptoms of Chron’s Disease and Alzheimer’s.  And there’s new research being conducted every day, expanding the list of potential benefits of medical cannabis.

If well advised on the dosage, methods of consumption and strains to use, patients may consider medical marijuana instead of prescription drugs as a safer and healthier option for the body. Here are some medications that can be outshined by medical cannabis.


Pain medications contain hazardous codeines and opiates. Though commonly prescribed, they are highly addictive and can have adverse side effects. Also, the number of overdose deaths per year continues to grow, turning into a serious issue.

Studies have shown that medical marijuana can help people suffering from chronic pain. Indica strains are the most efficient. Cannabis almost immediately reduces discomfort, abolishes nausea and alleviates various types of aches and pains.

Sleeping pills

People with chronic sleep problems are faced with mood swings, diminished cognitive function, and overall, lowered quality of life. So those experiencing sleep disturbances and fatigue often turn to sleeping pills without thinking of common side effects.

Some medications prescribed to treat sleep disorders and insomnia can even cause more complex and dangerous side effects like amnesia and hallucinations.

Medical cannabis is a safer alternative. In controlled doses, it can significantly improve the quality of sleep.  It can provide uninterrupted sleep with none of the above side effects.


Along with psychotherapy, anti-depressants are a common treatment for depression. However, a vast range of unpleasant side effects these pharmaceuticals have is usually the main reason why people stop taking them. And once the medication is discontinued, the symptoms often return.

On the other hand, medical marijuana is a natural way to get stress relief in the long run. It can help relieve the symptoms and stabilize the endocannabinoid system, which is a system that helps maintain balance in the body.

Anti-anxiety medication

There are many prescription drugs on the market for treating stress and anxiety. The side effects of such stimulants are pretty extreme; therefore, this medication should be avoided. Some people even use them to regulate their appetite or maintain focus. Though not physically addictive, these pharmaceuticals can cause serious dependency problems.

Studies show that medical marijuana is effective in combating anxiety. Keep in mind that you should choose the appropriate strain, meaning one high in CBD. With professional help at the best medical marijuana dispensary in Orange County, you’ll get informed on optimal solutions and treatment.

Seek treatment at the best medical marijuana dispensary Orange County

As long as the strain is right and the dose is appropriate, medical marijuana could help people seeking abstinence from prescription medications and those seeking a safer treatment option for their health issue.

With the assistance of our polite and knowledgeable team at People’s OC, the best medical marijuana dispensary Orange County, you can explore your options and consumption methods, as well as browse through our vast selection of the industry’s highest quality marijuana edibles and other product types that People’s OC sells.