Last November, California voters passed Proposition 64, the California Marijuana Legalization Initiative. Now, a year after, we are approaching January 1st, 2018, the date when licensed medical marijuana clinics in Orange County will start selling recreational cannabis.

California was the first state to legalize cannabis for medical use in 1996 and became the fifth state in the nation to legalize recreational marijuana. With January fast approaching, you should know what will be changing when recreational cannabis comes to California.

Who can buy recreational marijuana?

Proposition 64 was approved in California on November 8th, 2016, making it legal to possess up to an ounce of cannabis flower and 8 grams of marijuana concentrates, as well as to cultivate up to six plants at home for personal use. However, legal sales of recreational cannabis were delayed.

As of January 1st, 2018, people aged 21 and older with a valid state or federal ID will also be allowed to purchase cannabis for recreational purposes. A recommendation from a doctor to buy recreational marijuana will no longer be necessary.

Where can you buy recreational marijuana?

Not every city in California is embracing the legalization of recreational marijuana. Los Angeles has joined cities such as San Diego, San Francisco, Berkley, San Jose, and Oakland in granting licenses for marijuana sales to recreational users.

Recreational marijuana sales, however, won’t be permitted in cities such as Pasadena, Palo Alto, Riverside, Sunnyvale, and Anaheim. Some cities have decided to reopen this issue after they see the system at work.

Can you buy recreational cannabis in medical marijuana clinics in Orange County?

If you already regularly purchase cannabis at medical marijuana clinics in Orange County, you may be wondering if you will also be able to walk into your dispensary to buy marijuana for recreational use.

As long as you are 21 or older, with a valid state identification, and you want to buy marijuana from a licensed dispensary, then yes, you can. Sales of recreational marijuana will only be permitted in approved dispensaries. There are 20 legal dispensaries in Orange County so far.

In order to sell cannabis, a retailer in California first has to get the approval of the county or city where they plan to do business. If the city or county allows commercial marijuana sales, the retailer can apply for a temporary or permanent state license. The state agency responsible for licensing distributors and retailers is the Bureau of Cannabis Control.

How does the legalization affect patients at medical marijuana clinics in Orange County?

To get treatment for their medical condition, users of medical cannabis will still need to get a recommendation from an approved doctor and obtain their medical marijuana ID card through the existing medical marijuana legal system. If you have your medical cannabis recommendation card, you can continue using it after Proposition 64 expands marijuana sales.

Your trusted cannabis dispensary in Orange County

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You’re experiencing chronic pain, stress and anxiety or other debilitating symptoms due to a medical aliment and you’re looking for an alternative to pharmaceuticals. Doctors often overprescribe painkillers, which can lead to physical dependence and adverse side effects. And you don’t want to treat both addiction and pain.

The list of benefits of medical marijuana is long and it can offer relief without the negative long-term effects. It’s natural, safer to use and it works. But unlike other traditional ways of therapy, medical cannabis is still met with hesitation from many doctors.

However, it’s your health and your choice and there are medical marijuana clinics in Orange County you can turn to. These clinics are designed to help patients to get proper treatment and benefits they’re seeking. Not all marijuana dispensaries are equal, so you should take several factors into consideration when deciding on the right one.

Here are the guidelines to help you navigate your way.

Quality of medical marijuana

Maybe you want to get rid of the pain or stimulate your appetite, or you’d like to treat a myriad of other symptoms and health conditions. The quality of cannabis strains can greatly influence the overall experience and the effect you’ll get.

A weak sativa or a mediocre indica will probably fail to deliver the desired result, while a strong one will give instant and long-lasting relief from pain. For best results, choose the dispensary that offers high-quality products.

The price

The second most important factor is the price. The prices depend on the provider, the state and the strain itself. Don’t go for the lowest price but also make sure the dispensary doesn’t overcharge for the quality of the product.

You should find the right balance between price and quality. The good thing is that the list of products with prices is usually available online, so do the research and cost comparison before you settle on one.

Product selection

Many dispensaries offer great quality products at affordable prices but lack in the variety of choices. Medical marijuana comes in all sorts of shapes, forms and styles.  A dispensary of choice should have different types of strains: sativa, indica and hybrids. They should also offer a wide selection of products ranging from cartridges, pills and topicals to extracts and edibles. This way you’ll get to choose the method, try your medication options and see what suits you best.

Knowledgeable and friendly staff

Besides the products, it’s the service that counts. You want to feel welcome and get the advice and recommendation you need from professional, friendly and educated staff. They’ll know your health condition, preferences and even your budget. Keep in mind that different types of strains produce different effects. To determine what strain and type of product is right for you, their assistance in choosing your go-to strain is essential.

Following health and safety regulations

All medical marijuana clinics in Orange County should conform to specific health and safety regulations. Reputable dispensaries will ensure that cannabis products meet high standards and that the information about the products is transparent. The marijuana should be grown using proper cultivation methods, handled and stored appropriately and sold in a clean environment.

Search for medical marijuana clinics in Orange County online

If you are looking for medical marijuana clinics in Orange County, you can use search engines to search the area. Check out the sites with maps like Weedmaps and Leafly. You can type in the city and you’ll see the clinics on the map. Search for contact information and online customer reviews. Needless to say, the dispensary’s image plays an important role in its reputation. The clinic should also have policies to protect their patients and detailed agreements about the patients’ rights and responsibilities.

Visit the best medical marijuana dispensary in Orange County

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