Vendor Delivery Guidelines

    1. All suppliers are expected to email an invoice and manifest to at least 1 day in advance of the shipment. It should list the contents of the shipment. Your shipment will be rejected if an invoice is not received beforehand.
    2. All invoices should include purchase order number.
    3. All purchase orders should be shipped complete unless discussed with the purchasing department. It is the supplier’s responsibility to notify the purchasing department if there is a lead time change or the product will not meet the expected due date. The entire order will be refused if the delivery does not match the invoice exactly or if the delivery is not made during the designated delivery window.
    4. All products MUST have a bar-coded SKU on the packaging or we will ask that you send someone to apply bar-codes that we print.

We will reject your delivery if it does not meet these guidelines

Vendor Compliance Policy

I Have Read and Agree to the Vendor Compliance Policy